Inviting your team mates to Duuers

Muokattu: La, 2 Tammi, 2021 klo 8:43 PM

How to invite your team mates to use Duuers Team with you?

  • Log in to your Duuers account, then click on Duuers in the top right, followed by My Profile. 
  • Click on Users in the top navigation bar, then Add User.

Duuers Solo is for single user only and With Duuers Team subscription you can have up to five users.  If you need more users, pleas contact Louhi customer service  


One email address can only be attached to one Duuers account. If you have need to have your email attached to more than one Duuers account, you need to use email aliases: if your primary email is you can create an alias with '+' sign e.g. The emails into your alias will also be routed to your primary email address.


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